Barton: Laws Of Nature Prove Abortion And Homosexuality Are Immoral

On today’s episode of “Wallbuilders Live,” David Barton explained that one of the things that makes America so exceptional is that we, as a nation, recognize that there is an objective moral law and that this law can be found both in the Bible and in the laws of nature.

And since these objective moral laws can be found in both places, he doesn’t actually need to even cite the Bible to prove that things like abortion and homosexuality are immoral because the laws of nature have already proven it:

There are absolute rights and wrongs That moral law, in the Declaration [of Independence], we call it the laws of nature and of nature’s god. There are moral absolutes. You can either find them in the Scripture, which is the law of nature’s god, or you can find them in nature itself.

I’ve talked before, I don’t have to have the Bible to show abortion is wrong, because there is no species in nature that kills its young while it is still in the womb. That violates the laws of nature.

I don’t have to have the Bible to show that homosexuality is wrong. I can show that when it does exist in nature, it is always an aberration. There is part of nature that exists on homosexuality – it’s always an aberration, it violates the laws of nature.

There is a moral absolute established in nature and in the laws of nature and nature’s God.