Barton: If The Dogcatcher Is Not Good On Sharia, Keep ‘Em Out Of Office

Jerry Boykin brought his anti-Islam activism to “Wallbuilders Live” and made a real impression on David Barton, who urged listeners to find out where every candidate running for office stands on the issue of Sharia, even the dogcatchers:

David Barton: You got to elect people who will preserve the culture of the United States and not change the culture.

Rick Green: Which means asking tough questions o the candidates and not just the ones that are going to Congress, or the president, but the local guys too because they’re going to deal with some of these issues …

Barton: Well, that’s the farm team. We need to ask the dogcatcher what he thinks about Islamic stuff because he may become the mayor, which may become the state rep, who may become the state senator, who may become the US rep who becomes the US senator who becomes the governor who becomes the president.

I mean, take care of these guys at the lowest level. Talk to every local official, I don’t care what they are, get their position and find out where they are and, if they’re wrong on it, keep them out of office.