Barton, Copeland: People Aren’t Born Gay Just As People Aren’t Born Murderers

David Barton joined televangelist Kenneth Copeland last year for a video series called “Choose Life and The Blessing” where the two discussed how voters earn either God’s blessing or wrath depending on who they support. Barton and Copeland agreed that voting for candidates who support LGBT equality are asking for punishment from God, and also insisted that gay people simply do not exist because homosexuality is not innate.

Copeland grouped gays and lesbians with murderers and thieves, saying that God would never create people to be gay in the same way God would never create people to kill others. Barton concurred and claimed that “science just got changed this year” with the issue of so-called “ex-gays,” which he says “has changed the entire psychological, psychiatric world.” According to Barton, “science has now figured out, ‘you know God was right,’” and that people can ‘leave’ homosexuality and become heterosexual.

Barton has been known to promote ‘ex-gay’ reparative therapy and has argued that gay rights are “impossible.” Despite Barton’s contention, the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of Social Workers and the American Psychiatric Association all deny the efficacy, safety and science of reparative therapy.


Copeland: God has never, ever created anybody to be something He has already condemned.

Barton: That’s right, that’s exactly right.

Copeland: He didn’t create anybody to be a murderer, He condemned murder. He didn’t create anybody a homosexual, ’cause He condemned homosexuality. He never create anybody to be a thief because he condemned stealing.

Barton: I gotta jump on this because I want everybody to know this because it doesn’t get publicized. This thing about He didn’t create someone to be a homosexual, what about that homosexual gene? I will tell you that the science will always catch up with the Bible, it may not appear to be right it will always catch up, it always has, always will. We now have a study out in the last few months called “ex-gays,” and it is significant, it has changed the entire psychological, psychiatric world, because it documents authoritatively people who were homosexuals who no longer were. Now on the secular side they’ve been saying ‘oh there’s nothing you can do about it, you were born that way, that’s you’re nature,’ well if that’s true you can’t have ex-gays. That’s like being an ex-black or an ex-white or an ex-whatever.

So what it has done, science has now figured out, ‘you know God was right.’ So when you said that about you know God didn’t create you to be a homosexual, they’ll say, ‘well wait a minute science says,’ well science doesn’t say that anymore. Science just got changed this year to match what the Bible’s been telling us all along, and that’s why you always stick with the Bible, science will catch up with the Bible.