Barton: Christians Must Control The Culture So Those With A “Secular Viewpoint Cannot Survive”

Earlier today, David Barton tweeted that he was just about to start speaking at the Connect 2011 Pastors Conference, along with a link to watch him live.

So I clicked over and found him discussing how even though most Americans claim to be Christians, the culture is not being changed accordingly.  Barton cited a time in the past when the Chicago Tribune had published a new version of the New Testament and lamented that something like that could not happen today.  The solution, Barton asserted, is for Christians to take control of the culture and media so that “guys that have a secular viewpoint cannot survive” because Christians will “chop that kind of news off”: 

At the end of his address, Barton urged those in attendance to go to his Black Robe Regiment website where they would find countless sample sermons on various issues so that they could speak out on every issue of the day.  The website also contains a video of Barton explaining just what sorts of sermons pastors of the Founding Era delivered, saying today’s pastors need to follow their lead and deliver sermons on everything including voting, the military, taxes, health care, transportation, architecture, and even eclipses and earthquakes because the Bible has answer to everything: