Barton: Attacks on Tea Party Just Likes Attacks On Jesus

On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer interviewed David Barton about this op-ed he recently wrote explaining how today’s Tea Party activists are the “represent much of what is right in America” because they are committed to the Constitution and  to “holding their elected officials accountable to its standards.”

But not only are the Tea Party activist just like the Founding Fathers, they are also just like Jesus:

The Tea Party platform, despite all the negative … the media has decided to take on the Tea Party and whack ’em because really, the Tea Party, if they have their way, the liberal left is going to be on the outside in this thing.

So the best you can do is try to villainize these guys. You know, when Jesus got a really big following, they started saying “oh, he’s a wine-bibber, he’s a glutton,” they started all the name-calling and finger-pointing; you know, he’s trying to install himself as king and he’s going to kick out Caesar, trying to get the Romans stirred up.

So they used all these ridiculous charges and so this is nothing new.