Barton Admits That Even “Moderate” Republicans Are Hard-Core Conservatives

Normally when I write about David Barton, it is to highlight something false or inane that he has said … but today I want to highlight an astute observation that he made on his radio program today noting that, for all intents and purposes, there are not any moderate Republicans left in the House:

Republicans, in the last two elections having lost, what they really lost was the moderates and the liberals. The folks who are generally left in the Congress are a lot more conservative than the people who have been defeated.

I mean even if you look at John Boehner, people say “well he’s kind of moderate.” Well, I’m sorry, John Boehner’s got a hundred percent pro-life voting record and he’s got a hundred percent voting record from all the economic groups as well.

I mean, he’s a hard-core conservative. Now, he seems moderate to people, but even someone who seems moderate is a hundred percent vote on economic and social issues. So that says something about the people they are going to be getting with.