Barber Says Islam Is Satanic While Tennessee Seeks To Make It A Felony

In his latest column, Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel claims that the “useful idiots on the American left represent every bit the threat to both this great republic and her unalienable freedoms as do the Muslim extremists with whom they play footsy.”

Today, Barber was invited on The Matt Friedeman Show on the AFA’s radio station to further elaborate during which he blasted churches that allow Muslims to use their facilities so long as the Muslims “just please try not to behead us on your way out the door” and attacked Islam as, literally, Satanic:

Given that this attitude toward Islam seems foundational among Christian conservatives, I guess it should not really come as a surprise that legislators in Tennessee have introduced a bill that makes it a felony for anyone to follow Shariah and which carries a fifteen year sentence:

A new bill in the Tennessee legislature could make following Shariah, an Islamic code of conduct, a felony with 15 years in jail.

State Senator Bill Ketron and State Representative Judd Matheny unveiled the bill in the state Senate and House, respectively, last week. Ketron and Matheny argue that Shariah is unconstitutional.

Shariah is an intricate Islamic code of conduct that rose out of Middle Eastern theocracies. It touches on all aspects of life, including justice and personal habits. Critics of the bill cite Sharia’s innocuous laws, which include giving money to the poor and not eating shellfish.