Barber Cops To His Con

Via Pam’s House Blend, I see that Matt Barber has finally fessed-up to the fact that his new “book” is nothing but a collection of previously published columns: 

“The Right Hook – From the Ring to the Culture War” is a select collection of Matt Barber’s greatest hits: incisive and deeply thoughtful culture war commentaries he’s penned over the past few years. The book also recounts the fascinating series of events that launched Matt as one of America’s rising conservative stars. Barber – a former undefeated professional boxer and current Liberty Counsel attorney – pulls no punches. His thought provoking though often hysterically funny writing style tends to delight those who agree and infuriate those who do not. Liberals beware; you just may be the next conservative convert after reading “The Right Hook.” (Foreword by David Limbaugh.)

Of course, there is still no need for anyone to actually buy Barber’s book, because all of the columns are readily available on-line, as are the “fascinating” introduction by Barber and foreword by Limbaugh.

Why anyone would drop $30+ for a collection of Barber’s inane columns when they can easily get the entire thing for free is beyond me.