Barber Calls Courts “Accomplice to Kidnapping” in Ruling Against Lisa Miller

As we have been noting for nearly a year now, Liberty Counsel has been steadily representing Lisa Miller in her on-going battle to prevent her former partner, Janet Jenkins, from having any access to their daughter. To that end, Miller has repeatedly defied court ordered custody arrangements to such an extent that the courts finally granted sole custody to Jenkins.

This latest court ruling was the topic of Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program earlier this week and the level of fundamental dishonesty spread by LC’s Matt Barber and Rena Lindevaldsen was rather staggering, including the claim by Barber that the courts have, in ruling against Miller, been acting as “an accomplice to kidnapping”:

Of course, Lisa Miller has engaged in actual kidnapping and has been gone for almost a year at this point … all while her representatives at Liberty Counsel claim to have no idea as to her whereabouts.