Banning Books Is Just Good Parenting

Professional anti-gay activist/obsessive Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality explains to the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow that Sarah Palin’s attempts to get books like “Daddy’s Roomate” removed from the public library when she was mayor was just solid parenting: 

“[Liberals are attacking Palin by saying] she’s a book-banner because she objected, apparently, way back when she was a mayor in Wasilla to the book Daddy’s Roommate, which is a homosexual picture-book which purports to tell young children that being gay is just another kind of love,” LaBarbera explains.

LaBarbera believes Palin was acting responsibly as a parent and as a mayor. “Parents have a right and a responsibility to object to books like “Daddy’s Roommate” because we don’t want young children stumbling upon these nice picture-books and then…homosexuality [being promoted] to these poor kids who don’t know what they’re seeing,” he contends.

LaBarbera, Focus on the Family, and their supporters are currently working to get ex-gay and anti-gay books accepted at libraries in Virginia without much success.  Presumably, should they ultimately succeed, Labarbera wouldn’t object if a local government official demanded their removal in the name of preventing “young children stumbling upon” them.