Back-to-School Public Education Bashing

Home-school advocate Charles Lowers sees public schools as the latest front in the Right’s imagined War on Christians. In an Agape Press article published Monday, Lowers, who directs the Radical Right organization Considering Homeschooling, says it’s wrong for Christian parents to send their children to public schools, because public schools erase students’ Christianity.

Children are “so much higher at risk,” Lowers told Agape, “whether it be premarital sex, abortion, pornography, [or] homosexuality. You can’t turn your children over to the public school establishment and expect that your children are going to come out Christian.” Lowers warns parents about the “anti-Christian” agenda of public schools, which he thinks are focused on “secular humanist indoctrination,” according to Agape.

This isn’t the first time that Lowers has attempted to promote his pet cause of home schooling by attacking public schools. Lowers made waves a week ago, when he told World Net Daily that Christian parents should “yank” their children from public schools because public schools try “to ensure that your daughters get birth control and abortions without you knowing,” “homosexuals are dictating curriculum,” and students’ “minds and hearts will be molested.”

Seems like the War on Christmas might come early this year.