Bachmann: Politics Is Not My Career, But I’ve Been Called To Run

A few months back, George Barna of The Barna Group, a Christian polling and research firm, sat down with Michele Bachmann to get her thoughts on the faith in politics.

During the interview, Barna said that politicians have a reputation of caring more about their own careers than representing the people and, given that, asked Bachmann why she served in public office … to which she replied that she was different because politics was not her career and she was called to serve and she is just trying to be faithful:

I didn’t go for public office to have it be a career. I went in order to represent the viewpoint of the people that are in my district and I’ve done that faithfully, I believe. And that’s what the people in my district say and that’s why I think they’ve returned me to public office because, again, I fight very hard fights on their behalf. And they see sometimes the abuse that I take in the media for standing up for their values. People appreciate the fact that I am fighting for them. They know that I don’t do it because it’s fun; I do it because there is something more at stake and I’m willing to do that.

After all, life is short – it’s very brief, our time on this earth – and so I think we need to fulfill what we are called to do and that’s what I’m trying to do: be faithful.

So, life is very short and politics is neither fun nor her career … but Bachmann has to run for president because that is what she has been called to do and she is just trying to be faithful?