Bachmann Joins How To Take Back America Conference

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the How To Take Back America Conference being held in St. Louis in September.  As I wrote then, the event was being hosted by Phyllis Schlafly and Janet Porter and co-hosted by a group including Don Wildmon, Mat Staver, Rick Scarborough, Joseph Farah, and others.

As I wrote at the time:

Just about every insane right-wing conspiracy theory currently in circulation has been embraced by one or more of the organizers of this event, all of whom have actively worked to spread the fear that Obama and the Democrats are out to destroy Christianity and turn America into a socialist hellhole.

The focus of that post was on the fact that Mike Huckabee had been scheduled to deliver the keynote address, which was remarkable considering that just about everyone involved in planning this conference had gone completely off the deep end following President Obama’s election.

The idea that Huckabee would gladly associate with this group, though surprising, was at least somewhat understandable considering that many of the organizers were also huge supporters of his presidential campaign and even served on his campaign’s Faith and Family Values Coalition.

But Huckabee isn’t going to have the right-wing adulation all to himself as Rep. Michele Bachmann has now confirmed her appearance at the conference as well: