‘Armed Revolution’ Was Just a Metaphor, Says Greene County GOP

On Tuesday we told you about a recent newsletter from the Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee which said that Americans would have no choice but to overthrow the government with force if President Obama is re-elected. Newsletter editor Ponch McPhee wrote in the “Whitehouse Watchdog” column that Obama is a “political socialist ideologue” who is “unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized,” and Americans will have no option “but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November.” 

The media in Greene County and nearby Charlottesville took note of our report and ran their own stories on McPhee’s call for armed revolution. McPhee got defensive after the local media began investigating. He claimed in a statement posted on the Greene County GOP website yesterday that the “media hype” was all a misunderstanding because he was just speaking metaphorically. When he wrote “armed revolution,” he was really just talking about people speaking out:
~ all this rip roar Media hype….. is all about…..being armed with the voices of We the people…..you must arm yourself with a spoken word to be heard ~ just as the founding fathers spoke out during the revolution……So, Yes, arm yourself with many voices for the people and by the people….as your constitution allows….should the vote fail ….this November or at anytime……
~ Being Armed with Your Voices of We The People is The Only Way if Any Vote Should Fail No Matter Who You Vote for ~
” your voice being heard is the best method “
~ God Bless America ~

Someone at the Greene County GOP must have realized how ridiculous and implausible his statement was. As of this morning, McPhee’s statement is gone, and the link to the offending newsletter has been removed from the homepage (although it’s still on the site).

The Greene County GOP has yet to release a formal statement on McPhee, and it’s unclear whether he will stay on as their newsletter editor.
UPDATE: McPhee has been relieved of his duties as the editor of the Greene County GOP newsletter, according to a new statement from chairman Gary Lowe:
The referenced comment is included in an Editorial comment made by the former Newsletter Editor.  It was written in March before a change in the Greene County Republican Committee (GCRC) leadership, and clearly illustrates the needed change for leadership via recent elections. […]
The Greene County Republican Committee denounces such language and does not subscribe to that thinking. […]