‘Apostolic’ Leader Says God Told Him the Church Needs to Do More To Help Trump Overcome Coronavirus and Win Reelection

Robert Henderson talks about The Courts of Heaven on "Sid Roth's It's Supernatural" in April 2018 (Image from YouTube video)

Charisma, the Pentecostal-oriented media operation that has energetically promoted and defended President Donald Trump, published a “prophetic word” Wednesday slamming the church and prayer intercessors for not taking their responsibility to overcome the devil’s efforts to deny President Donald Trump’s reelection seriously enough. The column was written by Robert Henderson, described by Charisma as “a global apostolic leader who operates in revelation and impartation” and who promotes Seven Mountains dominionism. Henderson prayed that the courts of heaven would issue a judgment against the coronavirus and the fear he claimed is being driven by the media.

Henderson described a dream he had about three weeks before the “coronavirus began to seem as a threat” in the U.S. In the dream, he was standing next to Trump and “bouncing and pushing my shoulder against his shoulder in a playful way” until Trump “chided and chastised me.”

He took this as a message from God for Trump’s Christian backers:

Even though it was me in the dream, I am quite sure I was simply being allowed to feel the chastening of the Lord concerning our lack of diligence and seriousness toward this presidency. I also understood that the intent of the devil is to disrupt the economy of our nation. This is what the devil understands he must do to seek to deny President Trump the re-election. In that I was handed the financial section of the paper after President Trump was finished looking into it, I know that we are being assigned to pray and stand with President Trump to secure and stabilize the economy of our nation. Without this, the stage could be set for an upset in the elections this year.

President Trump could be removed from office. We must take our stand and deal with issues that the enemy would use to disrupt our economy and the economy of the nations with the end results being the ousting of Donald J. Trump as our president. The media and politicians would like nothing more than to discredit President Trump and to motivate people through fear until the economy is greatly damaged. We must take our place and contend for God’s will instead to be done.

Henderson urged people to pray specifically that God would give Trump “the same prophetic wisdom that He gave to Joseph,” referring to a biblical character who interpreted the Egyptian Pharaoh’s dreams as a warning of coming famine, and who led efforts to prepare for it.

He added, “I actually felt that I saw Joseph come in the spirit realm as a part of the cloud of witnesses to help move President Trump in the directions he needs to go.” He continued:

Could it be that God would allow Joseph to come and impart to President Trump that which is necessary to guide us out of these perilous places and into prosperity for the sake of his re-election? We must contend for this to occur. We have been given an assignment to stand in all seriousness in these moments of financial peril and uncertainty.

Henderson had a few specific “prayer directives.” He said readers should repent for themselves and for the body of Christ for “not having taken seriously the place You have given us on behalf of President Trump and his presidency.” Here is more from Henderson’s “prayer directives”:

We should come before the court of heaven and ask for judgment against this coronavirus. We should petition the courts that that which is being used to fight against the purposes of God would be annulled. The fear being driven by the media must be dismantled. Otherwise, it can wreck the economy and have a very devastating effect. One decision from the court of heaven and everything changes.

As we approach Your courts, Lord, we would remind You of Your passion for America and that You have sent President Trump. We would ask that any way this coronavirus is moving against that purpose, that it would be judged. We ask that all fears being driven by the media and politicians to alter our economy would be judged as illegal and unrighteous. Let a peace and sense of safety come over this nation and the people within it. We ask, Lord, for judgments against this thing that would be against You. We repent for any legal claim the enemy is using to propagate this devilish thing. We ask now, Lord, for Your judgment and dismantling of it. In Jesus’ Name.

As we stand before Your courts, Lord, we declare that we receive the mandate and assignment to stand on behalf of President Trump, His presidency and our nation’s economy. We seek to undergird and help guard the economy of this nation. Give us wisdom, oh God, as we stand and contend in Your courts. In Jesus’ Name.

We should pray that instead of this working against President Trump and his re-election bid, it will turn and work for him. That there will be such a turnaround, it will affirm President Trump’s leadership and skill as the one sent by God.

Now, Lord, as we stand before Your courts, we ask that what the enemy meant for evil, You, oh God, would turn for good. Give such wisdom that there is a great turn around in our economy and that this becomes that which the enemy will not be able to twist nor spin. Allow President Trump to be distinguished in the eyes of the people as one who with great skill and wisdom led the nation in these perilous times. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

This week’s “prophetic word” is not Henderson’s first spiritual intervention on behalf of Trump. Last year, he appeared on televangelist Jim Bakker’s show, where he claimed that his intercession in the court of heaven was responsible for Trump’s 2016 election victory. And in January, he was back on Bakker’s show, this time claiming that God had called him to serve as Trump’s spiritual running mate in 2020.