Anti-Stem Cell Rally in Missouri Revisits Clones, Slaves

Texas “Patriot Pastor” organizer Rick Scarborough is continuing his campaign against a referendum to allow stem-cell research in Missouri, with his latest rally in Kansas City. Once again, guest speaker Alan Keyes – a former Republican presidential candidate and talk show host – compared stem cell research to slavery. And as Scarborough writes in an e-mail to supporters, they continue to argue that the amendment – which allows whatever research the federal government allows, in order to counteract a Right Wing state legislature – is “endowing scientists with a constitutional right to clone to kill,” as Scarborough said at the St. Louis rally. From the e-mail:

Proponents of Amendment Two, which they refer to as the Missouri Cures Amendment, deny that they are proposing the cloning of human beings, but as Dr. Chang so succinctly proves from science, that claim is a factual lie.  Increasingly now, the proponents of this devilish idea are retreating to rhetoric that in effect says, “but the embryo is so small and early that it really doesn’t matter,” an argument which taken to its inevitable conclusion so devalues human life that men of Christian character must oppose it…and we are!

This is certainly a counterintuitive claim, given that the first requirement listed in the text of the amendment is “No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being.”

Scarborough’s next rally “against this all out assault on the unborn” – which he promises will be the “biggest rally yet” – will be September 21 in Springfield.

Watch Vision America’s clips from its previous rally in St. Louis.