Anti-Immigration Forces Gear Up

Rep. Tom Tancredo already had little to no chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination and he certainly won’t be getting support from too many Senate Republicans now that he is threatening to destroy them if they vote for immigration reform:

Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo said today he will work against fellow Republicans who support an immigration bill he considers a sellout.

Tancredo aides said the campaign would start a petition drive and volunteer network to help voters campaign against senators who support the White House-backed immigration plan. The bill, which provides a pathway to citizenship to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the United States, has split Republicans in Congress.

The Colorado congressman announced his “Save America Campaign” hours before he and nine other candidates were to meet for the first Republican debate in the state with the earliest presidential primary.

In announcing his “Save America Campaign,” Tancredo warns that the immigration reform bill “will destroy America” and is urging supporters to petition/threaten their senators:

I demand Republican Senators stand up to George W. Bush, the Hispanic lobby and the corporate special interests and stand up for America.

I specifically demand you oppose the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill or any other legislation that gives temporary or permanent legal status to illegal immigrants.

Otherwise I will oppose and actively work for your defeat in your next election.

Pat Buchanan, who is currently coaching Mitt Romney on the issue of immigration, is likewise on the rampage:

Bush’s attack on the motives and character of conservatives tell us it is Goldwater-Rockefeller time again — time to split the blanket. Conservatives need to declare their independence of Bush and to repudiate Bushism as the philosophy of their movement and party.

The damage Bush has done to his party is beginning to rival that of Herbert Hoover. If the Clintons were doing this, would conservatives be mute? Time to lock and load.

Meanwhile, has announced that it will soon begin running new “Where’s The Fence?” ads:

The initial media buy includes national airings on Fox News and CNN along with regional broadcasts in seven states identified by Grassfire as key to this week’s amnesty vote: Arizona (Kyl and McCain), Georgia (Isakson and Chambliss), Kansas (Brownback), Mississippi (Lott), North Carolina (Burr), Texas (Cornyn and Hutchinson), and Virginia (Warner and Webb). A total of seven ads will be airing — the national (generic) version along with six customized versions featuring key senators who have supported amnesty or have expressed support for this year’s amnesty bill.