Anti-Gay Ssempa Promotes Racist, Anti-Semitic Video

Martin Ssempa, the virulently anti-gay Ugandan pastor praised by American Religious Right leaders, is an active Twitter user. Among his recent gems, he has denounced the phrase “gay people” as an “intellectual fraud.” (He prefers, “people who ‘do’ sodom vice acts.”) He tweeted at Rev. Jesse Jackson that “Equality was hijacked by Gays.” He griped about marriage equality in Hawaii and praised anti-equality protesters in Taiwan.

Ssempa also promotes the work of other professional haters. He recently put in a plug for anti-gay extremist Scott Lively’s book “Redeeming the Rainbow.” And on December 6 he repeatedly tweeted a link to a video “lecture” by Ayo Kimathi, promoter of a militant black supremacist website called “War on the Horizon.”

Months earlier, Kimathi had been placed on leave from his Department of Homeland Security job after the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed the hate-filled thrust of his website. In mid-November, Alex Seitz-Wald of National Journal published an article, “DHS Still Hasn’t Fired Black Supremacist Who Called for Mass Murder of Whites.”

Coincidentally, Ssempa’s multiple December 6 tweets promoting Kimathi’s “Effeminization of the African Male Pt 1 – History of Homosexuality,” came on the last day Kimathi was a DHS employee.

Perhaps Ssempa was attracted by the virulently anti-European tone of Kimathi’s presentation. After all, Ssempa has been tweeting angrily about Europeans promoting LGBT equality as a human rights issue. Sample tweet: “Who gives the European the right to decide for Africans, that a human (‘sodom) vice is now human right? #racism”

The video Ssempa promoted is a lecture by Kimathi in which he explains that the term “white sex” is a catch-all for rape, perversion, homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality.  He says it is a “filthy notion” that all people are alike under the skin. Kimathi describes Christopher Columbus as a “flaming homosexual,” child molester, and “small hat.” Kimathi says “small hat” refers to “whites who commonly refer to themselves as Jews.”  They are, he says, “the worst of the worst of the Europeans. The worst white group of all white groups is these whites who call themselves Jews.”

#racism, anyone?

Note: Kadoda in the second tweet probably refers to Craig Kadoda, a former TV reporter who came out on “Africa Speaks,” a Kenyan talk show in July.  Ssempa was a commenter on the same show, in which he slammed President Obama for speaking on behalf of LGBT equality while he was in Senegal.