Anti-Gay Group’s “Marriage Crusade” Begins its Attack on Gay Marriages…And Some Straight Ones Too

As Kyle and I have both previously noted, the Religious Right seems to be conveying the same message over and over through a series of redundant organizations that all speak to the same tired language. Maybe that’s why the American Society in the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) has decided to broaden their message of intolerance to include not only gay couples, but some straight ones too.

Usually, the brunt of the Religious Right’s anti-gay movement hits those in the gay community; gay individuals for simply being gay, and gay couples for “destroying the meaning of marriage” by choosing to be with someone they love.

However, via Americablog, we see that the American TFP recently begun their three-state “marriage crusade” in Maine, and, along with the usual anti-gay rhetoric, have started attacking a somewhat unconventional target: straight marriage.

That’s right, along with claiming that gay marriage is harmful because a child wouldn’t have a mother and father, the organization is arguing that any marriage performed at City Hall isn’t a real marriage, either:

The group says gay marriage is harmful to society because children do not have a mother and father. They also claim that marriages performed at City Hall, without God present, are not really marriages.

For convenience sake, they are leaving the last part out during their “marriage crusade” in Maine. After all, they wouldn’t want to upset a straight couple who got married in City Hall; their signature might be needed by Stand4Marriage Maine.