Anti-Gay Group Takes Their “Traditional Marriage Crusade” on the Road

It looks like yet another group from the religious right plans to take their show on the road. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) will be launching what they call a “traditional marriage crusade” in three states: New York, Maine, and Rhode Island.

The American TFP is a standard right-wing organization and plans to use the same tired right-wing tactics in their “crusade.” It will be filled with the usual anti-gay rhetoric, along with a handout that “offers ‘Ten reasons why homosexual ‘marriage’ is harmful and must be opposed.”

“Like counterfeit currency, homosexual ‘marriage’ is not true marriage. It is morally wrong, sinful, offensive to God and a violation of natural law,”

“Parents don’t want their children in grade school to be told that the homosexual lifestyle is fine, but that’s already happening,” said Ritchie. “It’s part of the homosexual movement’s concerted effort to force the sexual revolution into the mainstream culture and banish God and His law from the public square.”

Be sure to find a “crusade” near you.