Ann Vandersteel Uses Death of Bre Payton to Push for Trump’s Border Wall

Ann Vandersteel, president of Bill Mitchell’s YourVoice America network, appeared on Mitchell’s program last night, where she suggested that the recent death of conservative commentator Bre Payton could have been prevented by President Trump’s proposed border wall.

Payton, a 26 year-old writer for The Federalist, died last week of the H1N1 flu and encephalitis, and Vandersteel is suggesting that Payton may have contracted the disease from some “illegal alien” who was able to enter the country because Trump’s wall has not been built.

“I want to see the wall get built,” she said. “If we are going to protect and save this country, we need to worry about what’s coming across the [border], not only from MS-13 gang members and terrorists that are being harbored in these caravans, but also the diseases that these people are bringing.”

“We’re seeing all kinds of crazy diseases that we have eradicated in this country thanks to science and technology with vaccines coming back up again, and strains that we don’t even have vaccines for,” Vandersteel continued. “That poor woman from the Federalist, Bre [Payton], she passed away from the swine flu.”

“How did she even catch that?” asked Mitchell, incredulously. “That’s not even a major thing right now.”

“She lives in San Diego, in Southern California, down there close to the border and you have all these migrants coming in that way,” Vandersteel replied. “Did she catch it from an illegal alien? I have no idea. But she was exposed to that virus and meningitis; these are the kinds of things that are coming across in the caravan right now.”