Ann Vandersteel: The Fact That Trump Has Not Denounced QAnon Is Proof QAnon Is Legitimate

On Monday night’s episode of her “Steel Truth” program, right-wing conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel argued that the fact that President Trump has not denounced the QAnon movement is evidence that QAnon is legitimate.

Vandersteel, who bragged about being a spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign until she was unceremoniously disavowed by the campaign, is an ardent believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which postulates that the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is actually a cover for a plan orchestrated by Trump to take down a global satanic pedophile ring involving countless political, economic, and cultural leaders.

On her Monday night program, Vandersteel interviewed a fellow QAnon activist who goes by the handle 412Anon and who is a regular contributor to the QAnon-centric “WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots’ Soapbox Stream” YouTube channel.

“There have been over 20 times that Q has posted and then, within two minutes, President Trump has tweeted,” 412Anon said. “It’s mathematically impossible that that’s a coincidence.”

Vandersteel agreed with 412Anon’s argument that the mainstream media attacking QAnon as a conspiracy theory—instead of simply asking the White House whether Q is legitimate—is itself proof that those in the media know that Q is real and are trying to undermine the movement.

“They’re projecting on to the rest of us what they’re actually guilty of,” she said. “They don’t want to ask the question because perhaps they know they answer. And this is why the president is calling the mainstream media ‘the enemy of the people,’ because they simply do not bring the truth. They’re projecting on to their viewership what they want you to believe and, really, what they’re guilty of is the conspiracy. That is what they’re guilty of. If this was such a threat, the president would call Q ‘the enemy of the people’ for sending out disinformation and the president is not calling out Q.”