Ann Vandersteel: QAnon Is Part of the Trump Campaign’s ‘Comprehensive Media Strategy’ to Spread Conspiracy Theories

Ann Vandersteel, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who serves as president of the YourVoice America network, appeared yesterday on a livestream known as “The Patriots’ Soapbox,” where she spent two hours promoting QAnon/sex trafficking/pedophilia conspiracy theories before casually mentioning that she is a spokesperson for President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign:

Following that revelation, Vandersteel took a call from a listener who urged her to use her “pull” with Trump to get him to talk more about these conspiracy theories, to which she replied that she is confident that the campaign “has a really comprehensive media strategy” lined-up to spread these claims, and that QAnon is a key part of the plan to “prepare the public for what’s coming.”

“I’m pretty sure there is a very comprehensive strategy about the way they are going to roll out this sort of information,” she said. “Q has been preparing a lot of people … This is about preparing your next door neighbor who can give two rats about politics. They may be a liberal, but when they hear the fact that Hillary Clinton was doing the horrible things that she was doing that are evidenced on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, when they start to find out about that stuff, the disbelief is going to be over the top.”

The claim about Weiner’s laptop is a reference to the unhinged conspiracy theory that posits that videos of Hillary Clinton sexually assaulting and torturing children were found on Weiner’s computer after it was seized during his 2016 arrest for sexting with a minor.

“We have got to prepare the public for what’s coming because these are things that Hollywood has been publishing in movies for years and we just thought, ‘Oh, that’s just Hollywood,'” Vandersteel said. “What we didn’t realize was that was art imitating life.”