Ann Vandersteel: 80 Percent of Government Leaders Are Involved in Pedophilia

Ann Vandersteel is the president of YourVoice America, the media outlet founded by ardent pro-Trump commentator and online conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell in 2016, where she serves as the host of her own “Steel Truth” program and also appears as a commentator on other programs on the network. She also claims to be a member of the “Trump Campaign 2020 Media Advisory Board.”

On Monday, she appeared on Mitchell’s program, where she declared that nearly 80 percent of the governmental leaders around the world are involved in pedophilia.

Vandersteel declared that it will soon be revealed that the Clinton Foundation “was clearly involved in human trafficking,” repeating her claims that “horrific images” of children being sexually and physically abused by Hillary Clinton were found when NYPD detectives seized a laptop owned by former Rep. Anthony Weiner after he was arrested for sexting with a minor.

“It’s going to be a billy club over the head to what we call the ‘normies’ out there when they realize, ‘Holy cow, this is what’s been going on?'” Vandersteel said. “The hardcore evidence is there and this president and this Congress is going to have a really tough time, Bill, because they’re going to have to decide how much information can they really share with the public, because some of it is so grotesque and just so revolting, what they’ve done to children, that I don’t know if the public can handle it.”

“Maybe one to two percent around the world is maybe interested in pedophilia,” she added. “But if you now look at leadership positions in government, that number jumps up to pushing 80 percent. So the people running our governments around the world are sick people, by and large.”

“Mostly the Democrats,” replied Mitchell.

“This is why they’re so desperate to take this president out,” Vandersteel continued. “They know he is clean, the know he is bringing the goods against them. He’s been around, circulating with these people for years and he was sober when he did it and recognizes and remembers conversations that were had; he knows about Jeffrey Epstein and Pedophile Island, so he understands how all of this works. They’re terrified of it, so they’re looking for anything to shut this man down.”