Ann Coulter’s ‘Globalist’ Tweets Leave The Alt-Right Ecstatic

Ann Coulter speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Ann Coulter, a conservative columnist and right-wing firebrand, tweeted out the names of various Jewish people last night and labeled them “globalists” as she mocked the idea that the term “globalist” is secretly an anti-Semitic slur. While Coulter framed the tweets as a joke, her fans on the racist alt-right saw them as a message to them, and proof that Coulter had finally revealed her secret anti-Semitic beliefs.

Last night, Coulter took to Twitter to rail against journalists who have noted that the term “globalist”—which frequently rolls off the tongues of Trump and other administration officials—has roots in anti-Semitism. Coulter, a staunch Trump supporter, singled out one specific article that highlighted the anti-Semitic usages of the term “globalist,” and mocked the idea that the term carries such connotations. HuffPost journalists Luke O’Brien and Nina Golgowski wrote:

The term can be used to describe someone who has universal or open-world beliefs, particularly in regard to trade or public policies, but it can carry a more sinister meaning for members of the far right.

For the anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi members of the so-called “alt-right” white supremacist movement, “globalist” is a euphemism for “Jew.” It refers to the longstanding conspiracy theory about an international Jewish cabal working to undermine the traditional white family and Western culture by pushing for immigration and diversity.

Coulter then took it upon herself to mock HuffPost’s reporting on the term’s anti-Semitic context by tweeting out the names of various Jewish people and calling them “globalists,” a well-established alt-right dog whistle:

Coulter’s tweets left many observers aghast last night, but online communities that frequently peddle in anti-Semitic tropes heard what they thought was a dog whistle—or in this case, a dog foghorn—loud and clear.

Overnight, 4Chan users on the site’s “politically incorrect” board, who frequently peddle in racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, lit up in celebration that Coulter had supposedly posted clearly anti-Semitic content. More than a dozen discussion threads with titles like “Ann Coulter just went full 1488” and “ANN COULTER NAMES THE JEW” dominated the board overnight.

Additionally, users on 8Chan—an even more unhinged version of 4Chan—heaped similar praise on Coulter in their own threads. In one thread, a user wrote, “Ann has a huge following among normalfag conservatives; there exists no timeline in which this event is not beneficial.” Another user, responding to criticisms of Coulter, wrote, “Her political stance is essentially ‘Nazi’ except instead of hiding behind a keyboard she’s on normie television displaying redpilled policies and writing fucking books about it.”

Users on the “alt-tech” site Gab, which currently exists as a cesspool of white nationalist and anti-Semitic users banned from Twitter, also took joy in Coulter’s comments.

Andrew Anglin, who heads up the neo-Nazi website “The Daily Stormer,” reveled in Coulter’s tweets. This morning, Anglin wrote that Coulter’s tweets proved that his prediction that Coulter would “be the first one of the main conservative pundits to NAME THE KIKE” had come true.

 Lauren Rose, a white nationalist YouTube personality, shared a meme welcoming Coulter to the alt-right:

Over the past couple of years, Coulter has emerged as a cult hero for white nationalist activists who view her as a sympathetic mainstream conservative pundit who represents their ideology. Coulter seems fully aware of her status among white nationalists too, as evidenced by her employment of alt-right tropes, promotion of white nationalists and over-the-top anti-immigrant rhetoric.