Ann Coulter Claims Bogus Anti-Muslim Video Trump Shared ‘Not A Discredited Video’

Ann Coulter, whose Twitter feed may have been the source for President Trump’s retweets of anti-Muslim videos from a far-right British group, is continuing to defend one of the videos, which was falsely labeled “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!”

News organizations and Dutch officials have disputed the description of the video, which was tweeted out by an official with the far-right Britain First. ABC News reported that “Dutch police and prosecutors” confirmed that “the video does not show a Muslim nor a migrant.” Snopes reported that the description of the video as showing a “Muslim migrant” originally came from the comment section of the video website where it was originally posted.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Coulter disputed that the video had been discredited, and in an interview with Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman yesterday afternoon, she insisted that it “is not a discredited video.”

“They’ve all been attacking me for it because Trump apparently may have seen it on my Twitter feed,” she said. “I tweeted this tweet from, well, who knows—that’s how Twitter works, it’s a video—but they’re very upset that it’s a group called Britain First, which is apparently hateful in and of itself. And it shows what seems to be clearly a Middle Eastern boy beating up a very white, blonde boy in the Netherlands and the blonde Dutch boy is on crutches.”

“They won’t tell us his name, they won’t tell us his ethnicity, but they’re just going to go around screaming ‘discredited, discredited,’” she said.