Angelo John Gage Spreads Hate with a Twitter Blue-Check

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Far-right activist Angelo John Gage is an anti-Semitic YouTube personality operating in an ecosystem of heavier-hitting alt-right propagandists, and he is verified by Twitter, despite the company’s public promises to stand against hate on its platform.

Twitter did not respond to Right Wing Watch’s inquiry about why Gage is verified. HuffPost reported in May that Gage was one of many extremists still operating on Twitter despite the company’s repeated promises to clean up its platform.

Gage is an Iraq War veteran who says he has post-traumatic stress disorder. He became radicalized after listening to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and reading literature produced by anti-Semitic authors, according to an archived description of Gage’s March 2015 appearance on the radio arm of the hate site Stormfront. Years prior to that Stormfront Radio appearance, Gage shared his anti-Semitic “revelations” on the Stormfront website. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported in 2014:

In 2012, Gage wrote on the racist Web forum Stormfront that he had just recently found out about “the real Jewish question and the whole ww2 and hitler truth.” It was a shock, he said, “but EVERYTHING connects and leads back to the jews — the evil jews.” In October 2013, Gage claimed in a YouTube video that “white genocide” is under way, a result of “massive uncontrolled 3rd world immigration to white countries only.”

Throughout his years in the hate movement, Gage served as the chairman of the white nationalist group National Youth Front. He reportedly resigned as chairman before his first child was born and handed control of the organization to Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo. Gage pursued elected office in 2014 in New Jersey as part of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, during which he appeared on the radio program of white supremacist David Duke. Gage also hosted a program on the white nationalist website, The White Voice.

In 2016, Gage deleted all of the content from his YouTube channel after he said he was attacked by people in the hate movement he thought were his allies for saying that he believed “ethno-nationalism” was a more viable alternative to white nationalism. He urged those following him to get off the internet and join Damigo at Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group. In a video response to a RationalWiki page made about him, Gage said that he had rejected his past “mantras” of white nationalism because they were “counterproductive devices” to achieving the ends he sought.

“I said that ethno-nationalism would be more effective because [it] makes more sense to defend our several unique and different ethnic groups like Italian, Irish, German etc than unite under this construct of whiteness,” Gage told Right Wing Watch via email.

He now tells us that he labels himself “an anti-supremacist,” but it doesn’t appear his worldview has changed much–if at all. Gage is still online cranking out anti-Semitic content and associating with white nationalists.

Gage rebooted his YouTube channel last December and kicked it off with a video in which he recounted suffering a suicidal breakdown and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Gage said that after some consideration, he decided that he needed to keep producing digital content to speak his mind.

“I’ve said dumb things in the past. I’ve associated myself with foolish people who turned out to be scum. And you know what, that’s fine. I don’t regret it. I don’t denounce anybody,” Gage said.

When asked to elaborate on that remark, Gage told Right Wing Watch, “During my ‘career’ as a pro-white activist or whatever you people would call me, I had the unfortunate privilege to meet the scum of ‘the movement’ which ended up as a blessing in disguise because it actually helped me move away from it completely.” Gage said those people were “awkward rejects” but did not, however, denounce white supremacists within the movement.

Gage told us that white nationalism was “not applicable” to America and was “an obsolete idea,” but it appears that rather than leave the hate movement completely, as he claims, Gage simply participates in a less nakedly aggressive wing of the movement.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Gage responded to criticism he attracted when he attacked Israel. “Fuck Israel. There I said it,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m so fucking tired of hearing about this goddamn country and seeing our PATHETIC politicians, who essentially are traitors, cuck to Israel with every breath. Fuck both of them.”

(Screenshot / Twitter)

In the video, Gage fumed and attempted to backtrack, saying that he only hates the government of Israel, not Jewish people. Despite this, Gage immediately went on to claim that American politicians have “dual loyalty” with Israel, a charge that has fueled anti-Semitism for thousands of years and has been cited to justify violence against Jews historically. Gage vented that people had told him his tweet was anti-Semitic and then proceeded to blame Israel for getting America into a war in Iraq.

“Do you think your stupid words are going to affect me? Do you think—‘anti-Semite, Nazi, Hilter’—all your stupid appeals to emotion, your buzzwords, are going to stop me? The only thing that’s going to stop me is if you put a bullet in my fucking head, and I welcome that. I actually have a death wish. I’d rather die than live in this world full of fucking cowards. Yes, the gentiles are fucking cowards,” Gage said.

On his YouTube channel, Gage has hosted anti-Semitic pundits and white nationalist pundits, including E. Michael Jones, Jean-François Gariépy, Kevin MacDonald, Adam GreenRyan Dawson, and Tomislav Sunić, and conspiracy theorist Maram Susli. Gage has made appearances on the now-defunct white supremacist YouTube channel Red Ice TV as well as on channels operated by some of his guests.

Gage maintains that he is simply “anti-supremacist” in his views, despite his affiliations with people in the online hate movement and his repeated attacks on Jewish people. On Twitter, Gage has suggested that Kosher foods exist because non-Kosher foods include toxins, declared that the Anti-Defamation League “needs to be destroyed,” and claimed that “leftist Jews” pretend to be white and spread “white guilt” narratives so that people of color will attack Jews.

When questioned by a Twitter user about Adolf Hitler on May 6, Gage seemed to defend Hitler’s decision to place Jews into concentration camps where they were systematically murdered. Gage wrote, “where was he supposed to put these Jews. No body wanted them. He put them in camps and rest is history.” He also wrote that had “world Jewry not declared war on Germany in 1933; all of you would have been sent to Palestine peacefully instead of camps.”

Communism, Gage claimed earlier this year, was “surely made by Jewish minds, yet implemented by Asians and Latinos without a single matzah ball shoved down their throat.” That tweet is no longer accessible on Gage’s profile, but according to a screenshot Gage shared in June, someone had reported the tweet to Twitter, and the company determined the post had not violated it guidelines.

On June 9, Gage mocked another user who questioned what they believed to be Gage’s peaceful strategy for reversing a perceived genocide against white people. Gage replied, “where did I say peaceful solution?” The same day, Gage said he agreed with another user that there was “no political solution” and that he was “only for to destruction of individuals who push things to harm” white people.

“Sadly Jews just happen to believe they are gods chosen ones and need to fix the world, literally definition of supremacists,” Gage tweeted on June 14. “Not all Jews of course,.but i oppose those who are, any any person of any group who thinks the same.”

Gage told us that he did not believe he was spreading “ACTUAL antisemitism,” which he defined as “the literal hatred of all Jewish people on a physical level; regardless how they act or not.” He denies that antisemitism informs his content today.

Merriam Webster defines anti-semitism as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.” It would appear that Gage’s views of and conspiracy theories about Jewish people fit that description, whether he​ believes it is “ACTUAL antisemitism” or not.