And I Start to Complain That There’s No Rain

Late last month, Focus on the Family’s Stuart Shepard released his now infamous video calling on people to join in praying that Barack Obama’s speech to the Democratic Convention would be drowned out by “rains of biblical proportion.”

Focus unsuccessfully tied to yank the video and Shepard issued his own apology of sorts, only to see the call taken up by Alan Keyes’ running mate, Wiley Drake.

But it doesn’t look like their efforts are going to pay off:

Well, the Democrats can sigh with relief.

It’s doesn’t look like it is going to rain on their party tonight in Denver. This lays to rest the prayers for rain that a Focus on the Family official recently suggested sort of kiddingly. It should be a mild evening, at least weather-wise, when 75,000 people flood Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium for the presidential nominee’s speech.

Today in Colorado Springs the skies should be a sunny 83 degrees It’s a bit cooler because of a cold front.

The Weather Channel reports zero percent chance of rain this evening