An Exercise In Projection: Horowitz Says Liberals See Conservatives As ‘The Party Of Satan’

We are quite used to hearing right-wing activists assert that just about every aspect of the liberal political and cultural agenda is literally Satanic in nature … so it was a little confusing to hear David Horowitz tells the hosts over at American Family Radio yesterday that liberals think that conservatives are the party of Satan.

Horowitz declared that progressives believe that they can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which means that not only are they willing to commit any crime and tell any lie, they also look at those who oppose them “as the Devil’s party.”

“People who are called liberals,” Horowitz stated, “people who call themselves progressives, or leftists, or socialists see themselves as an Army of the Saints redeeming the world. They don’t believe in a divine redemption; they believe in a redemption on this earth created by them.  Therefore they see anybody who doubts or opposes their program as the party of Satan”: