Amy Kremer Predicts That Women’s March Participants Will Support Trump in 2020

Amy Kremer, a Tea Party activist who now runs an organization called Women For Trump, appeared on “YourVoice America” last night, where she predicted that female voters would rally to support President Trump in 2020 because they care more about the strength of the economy than they do about Trump’s outrageous statements or bragging about sexually assaulting women.

“I get all the time, ‘How can you support the president? Look at what he tweets, look at what he says,'” Kremer said. “I didn’t elect him to be my pastor or my preacher or even my boyfriend or husband, I elected him because he was a businessman, and I expected him to run things as a business; results-oriented, results driven. And we’ve seen that.”

“When people talk about, ‘Oh, he tweeted this’ or the ‘Access Hollywood comment,’ you know my husband says things I don’t agree with, he says things that have offended me before,” she continued. “What matters to me are actions and, actually, that’s what matters to most women, are actions. Believe it or not, I think that when we go to the ballot box in 2020, I think there will be women that marched in the streets with their pink hats on that will go into the ballot box and pull the lever for President Trump.”