Americans for Limited Government Warns Impeachment Fight Will Shape Next Decade

(Screenshot / YouTube via OANN)

Americans for Limited Government’s Richard Manning told religious right radio listeners that whether President Donald Trump is successfully impeached by the U.S. Congress or not will determine the next decade of American history.

Manning appeared on Friday’s episode of “Sandy Rios in the Morning,” hosted by American Family Association governmental affairs director Sandy Rios, to promote a book he co-authored, “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America.” He urged listeners who live in swing districts to let their elected representatives know they oppose impeachment and to make them pay the price of losing power if they support removing Trump.

“This is the defining issue for the 2020 election. I believe it’s the defining issue that’s going to set the stage for the entirety of the decade of the 2020 decade because, depending on what happens with Donald Trump, [it] tells you what’s going to happen with the country for the next 10 to 20 years,” Manning said.

He continued, “And the Democrats are making it very clear. They do not intend to allow the people of the United States to have another chance to vote for Donald Trump for president because they fear, the Democrats fear, that the people will embrace the president and will vote for him once again, and he will be able to at least take a bigger chunk out of the swamp than he already had and take a bigger chunk out of the leftist policies that they’ve put into place.”

Americans for Limited Government states on its website’s “About” page that it aims to “reduce the size and scope of government to maximum individual freedom.”