American Family Radio Claims Homosexuality Is A “Learned Response” To Abuse

While on the American Family Association’s American Family Radio, Alex McFarland alleged that people aren’t born gay, asserting that gays are really just victims of “emotional pain and sometimes molestation.” McFarland, who recently criticized churches that allowed Muslims to use their space to worship while their mosque was under construction, said that gays and lesbians were people who suffered physical or emotional abuse. As he denounced gays and lesbians, McFarland claimed that Christians were the ones actually facing persecution in America.


The point is homosexual behavior is nurture not nature. It’s a learned response to emotional pain and sometimes molestation. We can do a whole show on this. And I’ve interviewed experts on this, we’ve had debates, we’ve heard from people on all sides of the issue. Homosexual behavior is not something people are born with, God would not make you a certain way and then say ‘repent of that way.’ And so Marvin my point in all this is that we are reaching the time that as the Old Testament warned in Isaiah that people are calling good evil and evil good, and we as Christians really do need to pray because Heaven help us if we’ve reach a point in our country that it would be against the law to really give the full counsel of God.