Alt-Right Activist On State Of The Movement: ‘We Are Fucked’

Colin Robertson, a Scottish alt-right activist who operates online under the pseudonym “Millennial Woes,” succinctly summed up the current state of the racist alt-right movement amid ongoing infighting and splintering, saying in a video he posted last week: “We are fucked.”

Last year, we identified Robertson as a racist right-wing extremist using YouTube to recruit people to the white nationalist alt-right movement. Robertson has spoken at numerous white nationalist conferences, including most recently at “Etnofutur II” in Estonia, and is one of a handful of internet activists who continue to fly the “alt-right” banner at a time when most others have attempted to create distance between themselves and the notorious racist movement.

In a video uploaded late last week, Robertson sat in front of his camera wearing a bathrobe and chain-smoking cigarettes while he mused about the state of the alt-right in 2018. Near the end of the video, Robertson declared that in 2018, the alt-right is “fucked.”

“The alt-right, the ethno-nationalists, the identitarians, the far-right, the extreme-right, the reactionaries—we are not in a good way,” Robertson said.

He went on to say that right-wing extremists were “not in a good way” last year either, mentioning the way alt-right activists attacked the movement’s female figureheads and the episodic infighting that has become a defining characteristic of the movement.

The flaws embedded within alt-right communities online have come to a head recently. Infamous white nationalist Richard Spencer has called off his plans to go on a college speaking tour and the neo-Nazi group Traditionalist Worker Party had its leadership toppled when the group’s founder was arrested on charges of battery stemming from an affair he had with his spokesperson’s wife. Additionally, some of the media personalities who have come to be adored by alt-right activists have had to answer to damning revelations about their pasts.

Robertson said that he believed his “Millenniyule” video series last year, which featured dozens of interviews with white supremacists and those who sympathize with them, had been successful in soothing some of the woes plaguing the alt-right. He also spoke highly about how the alt-right was able to utilize Andy “Warski” Pires’ live video debate series earlier this year but said that “everything since then has been kind of bad.”

“There’s disarray, there’s discord and there’s infighting—endless fucking infighting, vendettas. And our enemies know this. I’ve read multiple articles in which they gloat about the infighting and the divisions in the alt-right. And people on our own side within the movement joke about dividing the movement as if this is something to joke about,” he said. “This is not a good time.”

Robertson added, “We need to grasp just how bad the situation is just now. We are fucked.”

Although the alt-right as originally envisioned by neo-Nazi activists may very well be “fucked,” as Robertson put it, the wave of hate it sent barreling through the internet is still alive and thriving within spin-off communities, each with its own niche agenda and rhetoric, and continues to poison public discourse.