Allow Me To Quote Bryan Fischer Verbatim: “That’s Not Misrepresentation, That’s Quotation.”

I have long maintained that there is nothing more pointless than trying to have a debate about anything with the AFA’s Bryan Fischer, but I have to give credit to David Pakman for this recent interview he conducted with Fischer in which he repeatedly pointed out that the authors of the studies that Fischer routinely cites to justify his anti-gay bigotry have made it clear that Fischer and other anti-gay activists are intentionally misrepresenting their findings to support the right-wing agenda.

Of course, Fischer just laughs it off (scroll ahead to the ten minute mark):

Pakman: You have a track record of getting people who do research on these issues saying “I need Bryan Fischer to stop misrepresenting my research.”

Fischer: No, I’m not butchering their research, I’m quoting them verbatim, David. How can you distort somebody or misrepresent somebody when you are quoting them verbatim, using their own words? You’re not changing the words, you’re not twisting their words, you are quoting them. That’s not misrepresentation, that’s quotation.

It is especially ironic to hear this coming from Fischer considering that every time he writes some ridiculous piece that sets off a round of controversy, his standard response is to complain that people are misrepresenting his words when they are, in fact, quoting him verbatim.

  • It was his response to the outage over his “feminization of the medal of honor” piece.
  • It was his response to outrage over his “gay sex = domestic terrorism” statement.
  • It was his response to outrage over his “God is obviously looking for is more Phinehases in our day” claim.
  • It was his response to outrage over his call for the whale at Sea World to be put to death.
  • It was his response to outrage over his call to ban Muslims from the US.

Amazing, isn’t it, how when Fischer intentionally misrepresents the findings of scientific research, he is merely quoting it verbatim … but when people quote his bigotry verbatim, they are intentionally misrepresenting his words?