ALIPAC’s Gheen Blackmailing Graham In Order to Prevent Him From Being Blackmailed By President Obama

Earlier this week, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC publicly demanded that Senator Lindsey Graham admit to being gay, claiming that he is being manipulated into supporting immigration reform by powerful interests in government who are threatening to expose his “secret” if he doesn’t.

Last night, Alan Colmes had ALIPAC’s William Gheen on his program to discuss this rather unique strategy, asking Gheen how he knows that Graham is gay since Graham insists that he is not, to which Green explained that he’s worked for gay politicans in the past … so he apparently has really good “gaydar” or something. 

Gheen repeatedly insisted that he has no problem with Graham being gay and the bulk of the discussion centered on Gheen’s idea that he was somehow doing Graham a favor by outing him, thereby freeing him from the blackmail of “corrupt, DC special interests [who will] use that information” to force him to support immigration reform.

Colmes kept trying to point out that it was Gheen who was, in essence, trying to blackmail Graham in order to get him to stop supporting immigration reform. 

Needless to say, Gheen didn’t see it that way, insisting that he was simply pre-emptively outing Graham so that Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano couldn’t use this “secret” to blackmail him into supporting this legislation.

Colmes also asked Gheen how his video, “US Senator Graham is Gay,” ended up being posted on YouTube with the tags “queer” and “fag,” which Green attributed to the fact that some unknown person had hacked their account and placed them there: