ALIPAC: Whitman Should Be Arrested & Tried, Just Like OJ Simpson

Yesterday, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC called for the arrest of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman for having allegedly hired a housekeeper who was in the country illegally.

Apparently, that stance is not sitting well with a lot of people, which has prompted ALIPAC president William Gheen to explain that he just wants Whitman put on trial so that the truth can be discerned because not doing so would be like letting O.J. Simpson walk free:

ALIPAC has called for arrests so that the courts can make the proper judgments on guilt or innocence in these matters. ALIPAC, the media, and California voters are not in the proper position to weigh Whitman’s documents, claims, and alibis.

To accept her mere claim of innocence without a trial would be similar to advocating that OJ Simpson not be charged with murder because he came out and told the press he did not do it after evidence suggested he did.