ALIPAC Seeks to Protect America From Railroad Spike-Stealing Undocumented Immigrant Terrorists

Earlier this week, two undocumented immigrants were arrested for removing/collecting railroad spikes along of active but rarely used section of train tracks near Flat Rock, North Carolina with the apparent intent of selling them for scrap metal.

Both men have been charged with felony conspiracy to damage railroad property, willful injury to railroad property and trespassing on railroad property … but the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says that is not enough and wants them also charged with terrorism:

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is requesting that Federal authorities charge the illegal aliens caught stealing over 500 railroad spikes in North Carolina with terrorism charges, since they entered America illegally and worked to sabotage train tracks in a way that could have resulted in mass casualties.

“We are at war with terrorists and stealing train spikes, which is likely to cause a train to derail is an act of terrorism,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The Obama administration must admit that their failure to adequately enforce our border and immigration laws is putting American lives at risk of terrorism.”

“We believe that this documented pattern of illegal immigrants stealing railroad parts from tracks and putting American lives at risk is a form of terrorism that will likely not be reported by the national media,”said William Gheen. “America and Americans are under attack in our own nation and many times illegal aliens are engaging in domestic terrorism against our citizens and nation.”