ALIPAC Blames “Machete” For Unrest in LA

Over the weekend, police officers in Los Angeles shot and killed a Guatemalan immigrant who was reportedly threatening local residents with a knife, and the incident set off several nights of unrest in the neighborhood .

But according to Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, it is not the shooting but rather the new movie “Machete” is actually responsible for the tensions: 

Especially having a movie like Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE showing in over 3,000 movie theaters in America, we must be on guard for possible massive civil unrest. The movie Machete is an expensive, anti-American, propaganda film masquerading as satire. The movie depicts illegal aliens killing Americans who they believe are deserving of death because of their racism and violence towards Hispanics. While a film demonizing Americans is broadcast across the land, the remake of the 1980’s film Red Dawn has been canceled. Mobs of well armed illegal aliens attacking demonized Americans is promoted while a movie about Americans defending our homeland from invasion by communist forces is canceled. Does everyone understand what is happening here?

The latest illegal alien fueled riots in Los Angeles began three days after MACHETE was released nationally, depicting an army of illegals violently rising up against American oppressors. If the unrest in Los Angeles continues or spreads, ALIPAC will publicly demand that Machete be withdrawn from theaters.

ALIPAC goes on to warn that “illegal alien fueled riots and mayhem” will continue until “We The People” reclaim our nation:

These incidents should be a warning to all Americans that illegal alien fueled riots and mayhem can manifest in the blink of an eye in response to unexpected provocations. The illegals are feeling the heat from Americans and are ready to jump. Please make sure that you and your family members are properly prepared for any future mass disturbances and please utilize all of your American rights to provide for your own security and preparedness.

Things will get worse and become more horrific until We The People unify our time and resources to take back our government. We cannot be safe, secure, or economically stable much less prosperous, until our nation is made healthy again and the Republic is Restored.