Alex Jones Wonders If Democrats Didn’t Evacuate Houston So They Could Blame Trump

Infowars radio host Alex Jones speculates with his audience whether Democrats did not evacuate Houston in order to blame Trump for the disaster. (Screenshot/

Alex Jones, the Texas-based conspiracy theorist who operates Infowars, speculated that Houston city officials, many of whom are elected Democrats, may have decided to not order a full-scale evacuation before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in order to blame President Donald Trump for the disaster.

Yesterday, Jones reacted to news that city officials in Houston stood by their decision to not order an evacuation of the city as recommended by Texas Governor Greg Abott, citing the city’s evacuation effort before Hurricane Rita in 2005 that resulted in mass chaos and dozens of evacuation-related deaths.

Jones slammed Houston mayor Sylvester Turner for defending the decision, wondering whether the mayor was “just completely negligent, insane—the mayor there—or is Sylvester Turner conscious of what he’s doing and they’re wanting to blame Trump so they want to make the disaster as bad as possible?”

“Is it complete ineptitude,” Jones asked, “or is it part of a plan?”

Owen Shroyer, faithful sidekick and co-host to Jones, reinforced Jones and said “it was obvious by Friday to anyone with half a brain functioning that Houston was going to be rocked.”

Jones proposed that the lack of an evacuation order could have been part of a larger scheme by Democrats to damage the country and amass power.

“The same way they sabotage culture, the same way they admit with Cloward and Piven they want to bankrupt the nation, the same way it came out in lawsuits this year that they want to bankrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that small business owners and blue collar workers can’t have a home and have the American dream,” Jones said.

“It’s all about getting control,” Jones told Shroyer. “And that’s what they’ve done.”