Alex Jones: ‘We Are Being Gang Raped’ By Obama And Pals

Yesterday, Alex Jones went on a rambling tirade about how he is working with several unnamed congressmen to impeach President Obama and how only a few brave “free men” can save America from destruction. One of those men, apparently, is Donald Trump, who Jones said reached out to him through his “shadow campaign manager,” a reference to political consultant Roger Stone. The other is Greg Abbott, the Texas governor who is calling for a constitutional convention.

Jones said that he previously opposed the idea of a convention of the states, but favors Abbott’s proposal because “we are in a death battle” against Obama and “the globalists.”

“We are being gang raped,” Jones said. “We are being brought low. Like a pimp gets a young 16-year-old girl that runs away, this is the standard deal. Whether it’s Mexico, the U.S., Europe, it’s all the same system for thousands of years, she runs away from mommy and daddy, he gets her, he treats her good, he gives her food, takes care of her, gets her in, gets her in debt, gets her on drugs; two years later, he’s putting cigarettes out on her and kills her in a parking lot and throws her in a ditch after 5,000 guys have basically had sex with her. That’s what the globalists are doing to America and I’m not going to sit here and watch them put cigarettes out on our eyeballs.”

Jones added that he “is not going to sit here and watch Columbia, America, raped by you people and I’m not going to sit there and watch it anymore. This country is not here for you to slap around and beat with coat hangers because you’re a bunch of pimps and think it’s fun to desecrate humanity.”