Alex Jones: ‘The Minute You Don’t Stand Up For Me’ They’ll ‘Take The President Out’

Alex Jones, the shock-jock conspiracy theorist radio host who has been banned from just about every social media platform, pleaded with his viewers for their support, warning that “the minute you don’t stand up for me” will be when communist Chinese and globalist forces will shut down mainstream conservative thought and “take the president out.”

During yesterday’s Infowars broadcast, Jones focused almost exclusively on the fact that he no longer has access to most of the world’s major social media platforms, a privilege he lost after years of using his prior access to repeatedly use violent rhetoric, smear the victims of mass tragedies, and spew hateful claims about racial minorities and LGBTQ people. Most recently, Jones was banned from Twitter, which was widely seen as his last source of access to the mainstream.

Naturally, Jones warned that his removal from Twitter was the first step in a massive false-flag operation.

“I know when I see a PR-rollout so that everybody, when they have the mass shooting or the bombing and its blamed on an Alex Jones fan and a Trump supporter, everyone would have already heard that I’ve been pre-demonized, so no one will want to stand up for me and people will say, ‘Well, I guess we’ve got to take his website down itself and take him off the air,’” Jones said.

He added, “In the aftermath of the blown-up nursery or the shot-up school and them saying an Alex Jones fan did it—the minute you don’t stand up for me, within days Drudge Report is going to be taken down, Rush Limbaugh—everyone will be taken off the air. They’ll have riots everywhere. They’re preparing to take the president out.”

Jones then linked all of that to his ongoing narrative that criticism of him and the loss of his hosting privileges online was part of a secret ongoing communist plot to destroy America.

“CNN even has an article that Pence is preparing to remove Trump, 25th Amendment,” Jones said. “They’re sticking stickers on the president’s back saying he’s a piece of garbage. They’re putting things over the door that say ‘Crazy Town.’ They’re running psyops right now to overthrow our government and the Chicoms and the globalists are all behind it.”