Alex Jones: Rex Tillerson Sent ‘Coded’ Messages To The ‘Deep State’ In Resignation Speech

Alex Jones, while reacting live to Rex Tillerson’s resignation speech at the State Department today, claimed that Tillerson was using his remarks to send “coded” messages to the so-called “deep state” that Jones believes is working to destroy President Trump.

On “The Alex Jones Show” today, Jones interrupted his show to carry video of Tillerson’s resignation speech at the State Department after Trump fired him via Twitter this morning. Jones claimed that Tillerson was using coded messages in his resignation speech to send messages to “the stay-behind networks,” remarking that Tillerson had “really proven to be a double-agent.”

Tillerson said that he wanted to remind his State Department colleagues that they were all bound by the same oath to the Constitution.

“Well this is all coded,” Jones said. “This is really cryptic. This is some kind of signal to the stay-behind networks. He’s really proven to be a double agent.”

After a couple of minutes, Jones cut away from Tillerson’s speech because he believed that Tillerson had begun “basically virtue signaling.”

“That earlier stuff about taking the oath and ‘everybody needs to stay at their post’ and everything, that was—‘stay at your post’ I guess means, ‘Deep state, stay there, hang on, the cavalry is coming.’ But let me tell you, there’s major infiltration. And look, I’m not even saying Tillerson is a bad guy, but he’s a yes man. He can’t handle the pressure of what I’m sure they’ve done to him,” Jones said.