Alex Jones: Rep. Matt Gaetz Turned On Me Because He’s ‘Licking Globalist Booty’

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been melting down since Rep. Matt Gaetz said he regretted appearing on Infowars, proclaiming yesterday that Gaetz did so because he is “licking globalist booty.”

Gaetz appeared on Infowars alongside Jones earlier this year to rev up the conspiracy-minded bloc of the Republican Party ahead of the release of Rep. Devin Nunes’ discredited FISA memo, but last week he told Hill.TV that he regretted going on Infowars and would not return. Since then, Jones has been wildly lashing out at Gaetz, at one point proclaiming to Gaetz, “You look like a possum ate a pile of crap!”

Yesterday, Jones continued his tirade. He said that Gaetz was “busy last week licking globalist booty. He’s been shadowbanned on Twitter. They went, ‘Oh, this is a weak son of a bitch, right here,’ little candy ass’s rich daddy involved in sugar and industrial stuff.”

Jones impersonated the globalist forces he believes are manipulating Gaetz: “‘Oh, this little candy ass is scared of us. He threw Alex under the bus and went along with the lie that Alex Jones says nobody  died at Parkland’—total horse manure.”

“Are all you guys followers? Because you’re supposed to be a maverick, Trump, and I sit there and I look at this candy-ass Matt Gaetz and then I look at your base and your amplification—people who take your speeches and put them out and counter stuff in real time,” Jones said, before chiding the president for giving interviews to cable TV outlets instead of alternative media outlets.

He added, “These people are running rings around you, f-ing you and this whole country over thinking we’re stupid with shadowbans and all the rest of the incredible criminal crap they’re pulling.”