Alex Jones: Media Will Soon Claim Trump Rapes And Eats Haitian Babies

Alex Jones, the shock jock conspiracy theorist leader of Infowars, told listeners that the media fabricated reports that Trump made racist remarks about immigrants in order to distract from right-wing activist James O’Keefe’s latest video releases and predicted that the media would soon claim that Trump rapes and eats Haitian babies.

Today on “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones attempted to discredit reports that Trump asked why “people from shithole countries” are allowed to come to America while discussing federal protections for immigrants from African, Caribbean and Latin American countries, calling it “a fake story.” The real story, Jones claimed, is the release of videos that contain secretly filmed and selectively edited footage of Twitter employees talking about “shadow banning,” a feature on most social media websites that allows moderators to place users in an isolated state without notifying them.

“This is key in crisis management. To cover up a real story, you use a fake story. And this is the mother of distractions. The M.O.A.B. is the mother of bombs—that’s conventional. This is the M.O.A.B. of distractions,” Jones said.

Jones continued, “And they build it. And then you’ll hear more quotes. ‘Yeah, he said he rapes Haitian babies. Yeah he eats them. Yeah, well we just keep hearing about Haitians. It must be true.’”