Alex Jones: Kanye West Was Forcibly Hospitalized Because Of Trump Remarks

Alex Jones insisted yesterday that Kanye West, who was reportedly hospitalized for exhaustion on Monday, was forcibly committed due to his remarks that had he voted in the presidential election, he would have backed Donald Trump.

The “InfoWars” pundit and Trump backer said West was “arrested for being Trump while black,” suggesting that the musician’s hospitalization was part of a larger conspiracy, possibly led by the Illuminati, to imprison and institutionalize Trump voters.

“They’re going to drug his ass up until he does what he’s told,” Jones said, warning that they might “kill his ass.”

Jones then blamed the whole thing on West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, urging him to leave her “big ass ugly butt, looks like a buffalo butt, a giant ass elephant butt” and bashing Caitlyn Jenner as “that weird tranny daddy, I’m not against trannies, but that’s an ugly ass tranny.”

Jones then took out his semi-automatic rifle—“that’s what we’re all about, bitch, we’re not slaves, get out the way”—to show that he is prepared if anyone tries to institutionalize him for backing Trump.

“We’re laughing, he’s in jail, grabbed and put on a gurney because he said he supported Trump,” he said of West. “Nobody’s safe folks. These tyrants are coming and they’re going to stage a false flag. They are so pissed Trump is ready to cut taxes.”

The segment ended with Jones singing along to a South Park parody spoof of West, “Gay Fish.”

Trump, who has praised Jones’ “amazing” reputation and has appeared multiple times on his program, reportedly called Jones after the election to thank him for his support and pledge to return to his show.

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