Alex Jones: It’s ‘Self-Evident’ That Kanye West Has The Same Mission As Infowars

Alex Jones, the nation’s leading conspiracy theorist and creator of Infowars, said in a livestream last night that “Kanye West is saying the same thing” as he is and that it is “self-evident” that he and the rapper share a common purpose.

Yesterday, West made news again after he continued his vocal support for President Trump and tweeted a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

West’s tweets were also noticed by President Trump, who called them “very cool.”

Conservative media figures have fawned over West’s open support of President Trump. Earlier this week, Jones said he admired West’s “bold moves against the thought police” and apologized for previously assuming West was “a Democrat and a globalist.” In wake of yesterday’s news, Jones said one of the Infowars producers had told him that his “mission is the same” as West’s, to which he agreed.

“He goes, ‘He wants to break people out of their programming and you want to break people out of their conditioning, is the term you use.’ That’s a more psychological term—that’s what they call it. The globalists have conditioned us, globalist conditioning to be these scared people that have chips on our shoulders that are victims all the time,” Jones said.

He added, “I’m saying, ‘Break your conditioning, think for yourself.’ Kanye’s saying, ‘Break your programming, think for yourself.’ I’m saying my mission is to get you to break your programming and conditioning. Kanye West is saying the same thing. It doesn’t mean we’re plagiarizing each other. It’s self-evident.”