Alex Jones: I Am Not Fake! ‘I Am Completely Real And Everybody Knows It’

In a rambling message filmed from his car this morning, Alex Jones repeatedly insisted that he is not an actor—a characterization of Jones made by his own lawyer during an ongoing custody battle.

Jones’ attorney recently said that the “InfoWars” broadcaster is simply “playing a character” on his conspiracy theory radio program. The right-wing talk show host is []involved in a custody lawsuit with his ex-wife, whose attorneys want jurors to see footage of Jones’ unhinged and explosive outbursts. His attorney, however, said that his manic and sometimes violent statements are not relevant in the dispute since he is “a performance artist.”

While he did not specifically address his own lawyer’s statements in the video message, Jones said that “we’re all actors, but I believe in what I stand for—I’m not an actor as my main identity.”

Jones, who appeared in court shortly after posting his remarks on Facebook, added: “I am completely real and everybody knows it.”

“They’re prancing online going, ‘Finally you admit it’s all fake and none of it’s real.’ Yeah, Brexit’s fake, taking down the New World Order’s fake, getting all of the gun laws repealed, that’s not happening? No, it’s happening. Getting a good Supreme Court justice appointed? That’s not happening? Everything we want is starting to happen,” he said.

Jones maintained that those “screaming ‘it’s fake, it’s fake, it’s fake’” are simply advancing a globalist plot to take him down.