Alex Jones: ‘Globalists’ Use Cell Phones To Commit ‘Silent, Invisible Holocaust’

Alex Jones, the unhinged conspiracy theorist leading Infowars, claimed that “globalists” are utilizing radiation coming from mobile phones to carry out a “silent, invisible holocaust.”

On today’s episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” a major topic of discussion was the supposed health risks associated with radiation coming from cell phones’ wireless transmissions. As Jones was ranting about the alleged risks, he took a bizarre turn to claim that leaders in the tech industry, political sphere, and corporate world are using cell phone radiation as part of a plan to execute humanity.

“If you want to talk about something that’s killing millions of people—not 40-something—how about you talk about radiation? How about we have walk-outs in schools over cell towers on top of the schools? How about we have walk-outs over cell phone radiation? How about we have walk-outs over all of that?” Jones said.

He added, “Because this is what kills thousands of times what guns do every year. And this is how the globalists in this silent, invisible holocaust are killing everybody in their plan.”

Jones then went on to rant about “Wi-Fi-free retreats,” which have gained popularity during the last decade in response to the increased pervasiveness of technology in modern culture. He went on to claim that technological giants like Mark Zuckerberg have their homes “hard-wired” to minimize their own risks to the supposed cell phone radiation.

“It’s plugged in, plugged in, plugged in, plugged in, because then the radiation is chained-down through that, electron chain, it is not just blasting out like a radiation bomb,” Jones said.