Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife: ‘I’m Shocked That Alex Has Any Viewers Left At All’

Kelly Jones, the former wife of notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, held a press conference with her lawyer today to discuss her recent victory in the pair’s child custody dispute.

Remarking on the fact that the InfoWars host’s own lawyer said that Jones is “a performance artist” who is just acting, Kelly Jones said she is “shocked that Alex has any viewers left at all.” Her ex-husband’s legal team had argued that the videos of his on-camera breakdowns, violent rhetoric, and bizarre statements were not relevant to the trial and should not be shown to the jury because he is only an actor and it would be like basing judgment of Jack Nicholson on his performance as “The Joker.”

In the video posted by the Austin American-Statesman, Kelly Jones noted that her ex-husband, who peddled the Pizzagate hoax, was cited by the man who fired his gun inside a Washington, D.C., pizzeria attempting to find evidence of a nonexistent child sex ring supposedly led by Hillary Clinton. She also highlighted that his Sandy Hook truther conspiracy theory had humiliated parents of the victims, who have been barraged with threats from people who claim that their children never existed but were actors in a ruse to take away gun rights.

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