Alex Jones: Don’t Let Satan Steal Space Travel!

Yesterday, InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones said that he, with the help of his pal Donald Trump, is “trying to save humanity” from an attack from Satan and his minions in the global elite.

He explained that “the globalist takeover” aimed at destroying “normal human life” is rooted in space and the depths of hell:

It’s the Devil. The churches aren’t going to tell you. It is an alien force, not of this world, attacking humanity like the Bible and every ancient text says, and you can read the Bible, it’s hiding in plain view. It’s not of this world. And I don’t know exactly what it is or what it’s doing, but this is not human intelligence. It’s not human intelligence we’re facing! I refuse to fight with everybody! All the stupid racist white people, the stupid racist black people, the stupid racist Mexicans, all of you, I can’t stand you, you’re idiots. We’re under attack. Everybody’s under attack.

The elite hate Trump. Let me tell you, if he is a psy-op, he is the most sophisticated one I ever saw. And even if he is, he is a revelation of the awakening and they have to pull this trick to try to divert us. It doesn’t matter, it’s part of the awakening.

Humanity has got to get off-world. We need access to the life-extension technologies. Talk about discrimination, forget skin color. I want the advanced life-extension! I want to go to space! I want to see interdimensional travel! I want what God promised us and I won’t sit here and watch Satan steal it! That’s the fight! That’s the key! That’s everything!